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The Trio, whose name comes from the word Armonia, ancient word, which indicates peace, consonance, union of several entities, in music as in life, is one of the ensemble of the ArmoniE Musical Artistic Association in which common goals and purposes converge and expansion of the musical, choral and instrumental culture, intended as a vehicle for human and civil maturation and growth in the world of youth and beyond. The concert performers, Palma di Gaetano flute, Giordano Muolo clarinet and Danilo Panico piano, come from classical studies and for years have devoted themselves to concert activity in the field of solo, chamber and orchestral, with repertoires ranging from the sixteenth century to the present day and embrace different musical genres. The Trio stands out for its perfect dynamic balance and agogic synchronism of each performance. In ArmoniEnsemble Trio, a chamber group with a very pleasant timbre mix, the performers share the many and mature professional qualities proposing original songs and transcriptions of famous pieces taken from the classical-opera repertoire in their concerts. The Ensemble has always received wide public and critical acclaim for its engaging performances in the numerous concerts held on national and international territory.

Palma di Gaetano – Flute
She graduated in Flute with honors under the guidance of M ° Luigi Bisanti at the Music Institute Pareggiato of Ceglie Messapica (BR), now a branch of the “T. Schipa” Conservatory of Lecce. It was perfected with the masters M. Larrieu, M. Mercelli, A. Persichilli, D. Divittorio, B. Cavallo, A. Amenduni, P.I. Artaud, M. Gatti (for baroque flute). He has won numerous national and international solo and chamber competitions. He has collaborated with the Orchestra of the Province of Lecce, Orchestra della Magna Grecia, International Youth Symphony Orchestra of Lanciano (CH), Orchestra of the Paisiello Institute of Taranto. Often a jury member in commissions of National and International Competitions. He has made recordings for various local broadcasters and for RAI UNO. He received his first level diploma in Music Therapy with Prof. G. Mutti, president of the AI.I.S.Mt. of Genoa. He took part in the recording of the work “Studies on the intonation of the sea” by S. Sciarrino, which was premiered at the XXXIII Festival of Nations 2000 Città di Castello (PG). She is qualified to teach music in secondary schools of I and II degree and musical instrument (flute). He holds the diploma of choir director for schools of all levels, obtained at the Feniarco biennial school and promoted by the Ministry of Education. He obtained a Level II Diploma in Musical Disciplines, Flauta interpretative address at the “Giovanni Paisiello” Institute of Musical Studies of Taranto, with a mark of 110 cum laude, preparing a thesis with the performance of pieces of contemporary living authors. He performs intense soloist and chamber ensembles and intense didactic activity through “Musical Projects” carried out in the nursery and primary school. He holds the chair of flute at the Comprehensive Institute “F.G. Pignatelli” of Grottaglie (TA) and, from the. S. 2010/11 external flute expert at the Liceo Classico “G. Moscati” of Grottaglie.

Giordano Muolo – Clarinet
Born in 1970, he studied Clarinet with Maestro Cornelio Martina at the “Tito Schipa” Music Conservatory in Lecce. He carried out a Master Class with Maestro Alessandro Travaglini and, in Rome, the annual course of specialization with Maestro Valeria Serangeli (I Clarinet of the Teatro Carlo Felice of Genoa) with which he edited the review of the Pot Pourrì of “La Traviata” written by the nineteenth-century composer Giuseppe Cappelli for small clarinet and piano. The review was published by AIC (Italian Academy of Clarinet) and presented, along with its audio recording, made by Valeria Serangeli herself, on the CD Italian Souvenir, on the occasion of the CLARINET FEST 2013 held in Assisi last July. He has been part of several chamber ensembles and has collaborated with the International Orchestra of Magna Grecia in Taranto. He has won numerous national and international competitions. He held a Master Class for teachers and students of the Clarinet classes at the Academy of Music in Tirana. He is qualified to teach music in secondary schools of I and II degree and musical instrument (clarinet). He carries out intense didactic activity and solo concert and in various chamber formations with which he also promotes the dissemination of the clarinet repertoire and the history of the instrument through “Concert Lessons” in state schools of all levels. He constantly collaborates in the project “Paths of Education to Music” in the context of the continuity of teaching between Primary and Secondary Secondary Schools. He is professor of clarinet at the “F.G. Pigantelli” Comprehensive Institute of Grottaglie (TA) and professor of Clarinet at the “Archita” Lyceum of Taranto. From school. 2010/11 is an external clarinet expert at the Liceo Classico “G. Moscati” of Grottaglie.

Danilo Panico – Piano
He attended the piano academy of the Marches from 2002 to 2006 under the guidance of M ° G. Luisi and M ° L. Di Bella, participating in the meetings organized by the Academy with distinguished people such as: R. Risaliti, L. Berman, S. Perticaroli, C. Burato, R. Cominati, R. Prosseda, F. Gamba, A. Padova, W. Blankenheim, L. Trabucco, M. Baglini and P. Masi. He is ranked in the first places in various competitions, in both solo and chamber music, in more than 50 Music Competitions. As a soloist he has performed with considerable success in various theaters and concert halls such as: Palazzo Mansi (Lucca), Certosa di Calci (Pisa), Palazzo Pamphili (Rome), Teatro “G. Paisiello” (Lecce), Salon of the Province of Brindisi, Theater of Castellaneta (Taranto) and Theater of Fire (Foggia). In January 2006, at the initiative of the Marche Piano Academy, he participated in the performance of the integral of the Bach Concerts for keyboard and orchestra, performing the concert n. 4 BWV 1054, at the Teatro Persiani in Recanati.
He has been nominated pianist accompanist in various competitions:
– at the X and XI “Tito Schipa” International Singing Competition of Lecce;
– VIII Edition of the International Saxophone Festival, Faenza, 2006;
– 2nd International Corno Competition, Sannicandro di Bari, 2007.
He performs intense chamber music, founding the Duo Klonos (with sax), the Duo InCanto (with soprano) and the Ethos Trio (with violin and cello). He currently teaches piano at I. C. “Giovannni XXIII” in Sava.

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