The tracks contained in these tracks were recorded during my long clarinet activity in many Italian concert halls. Of course, the quality of the recordings, is not the best, because, made live without my knowledge by some of my friends or some of my students in the room. Therefore, they do not pretend to be considered a “commercial product”, but only a testimony and memory of my concerted past.

C. Martina

S. Mercadante: Concerto
Clarinet: C. Martina – Orchestra: Ars Jonica (Taranto)

G. Pesce – C. Martina: Fantasia
Clarinet: C. Martina – Piano: G. Pesce

G. Salieri: Concerto
Clarinet: C. Martina – String Orchestra “T. Schipa” (Lecce)

M.C. Tedesco: Sonata
Clarinet: C. Martina – Piano: V. Martina

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